LED Shelf Talkers and Shelf Lighting

For the most innovative retail sign programs, draw the consumer's eye with LED light! KRASLEX has created a unique, illuminated sign construction for use as a Shelf Talker, an Aisle Violator, a Header Sign, or a Wall Sign that can hold up to the abuse that retail can offer. The KRASLEX Retail Sign is made of ultra-thin, flexible plastic that gives when pushed or bumped. As a result, you now have access to a brightly-lit sign among all of the non-illuminated signs that your competitors are using in the retail environment.


  • Shelf-Talkers - Your product stands out from the rest with an LED shelf talker drawing the consumer's eye. KRASLEX Shelf Talkers are engineered to fit any shelf - no C-Channels required. Thin and flexible like other plastic shelf talkers, but with the extra punch of illumination to get the job done!
  • Aisle Violators - Let the consumer see where you are before they get there. Using the same construction as the shelf talker, KRASLEX LED Aisle Violators provide the beacon of light that tells them to come down the aisle where your product awaits. This perpendicular mounting approach is also effective on a wall - perhaps near a cooler or a display where your product is featured. Violators and wall signs withstand bumps from carts (or elbows!) to continuously tell the customer that your product is nearby.
  • Header Signs - The KRASLEX Header Sign is a beacon of light for your product assortment - whether on a standard store shelf or on a custom display. The thin format allows for placement in existing U-Channels frames, while adaptable to other mounting methods as well.

And remember, you can also add motion to your artwork with Kraslex signs!

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