LED Logo and 3D signs

Stylish and eye catching illuminated LED signs will stand out from neon, EL, light boxes and other old fashioned signs, assuring highest visual impact and cost effective promotion. Environmentally friendly products - help the earth and your budget. Our signs save up to 80% of your energy consumption compared to other light boxes. LED signs are maintenance free, easy to install, and cost competitive. The size, shape and number of possible effects are not limited!
Kraslex LED signs can take on many looks –
  • Standard Signs – At an overall thickness of less than .75” thick, Kraslex standard signs add a sleek and modern look to any brand logo. Solid, one-piece construction signs in any shape you choose. We can engineer the sign for edge-lighting or back-lighting to bring out the best features of your artwork as well.
  • 3D Signs – Add a little punch to your art by creating step-off lettering or shapes on the face of the sign – cut-out Acrylic letters and design components that are then mounted to the face of the sign. With Kraslex engineering, your logo or slogan can be highlighted with these raised letters. This process also allows for copy or graphics to be edge-lighted, producing a unique, glowing art component that brings depth to the overall look of the sign.
  • Contour and Cut-Out Signs – Have you considered how your company or brand name might look spelled out in illuminated letters? With Kraslex’s engineering, you can now have a word, or words, spelled out in one-piece construction using the same slim (.75” thick) Acrylic construction we use for our standard signs. Logo shapes too! What’s more, we can direct a back-light glow around your sign in the logo color, or simply in white, for added dramatic effect.
  • Specialty Signs – Add utility to your signs for your customers. Double-Faced Signs, Thermometers, Clocks - all of these options can be offered with Kraslex expertise. We can add brackets and hardware to allow for your signs to rotate 45-degrees, allowing the same sign to be displayed either on a wall or a counter top for flexible placement options. Hang them in a window, hang them from a ceiling – our signs can be engineered to be placed wherever they will best work for you.
        Tell us your idea – we’ll come up with a way to produce it!
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