LED Light Frames and Light Boxes

KRASLEX LED Light Frames allow you the impact of an LED sign with the versatility of a picture frame. Our Boxes and Frames are design for simple removal and replacement of graphics, creating an entirely new sign in seconds, and for a very low cost!


  • Corporate Advertising - When you want to showcase all of your brands, but you know that new brands or new packaging could be around the corner.
  • Seasonal promotions - A new sign every promotional period for a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Education - Teach the consumer a little bit about your product, but in a classy, LED-lighted way. This is a very good way to present brand history.
  • Event promotions - Localize your brand by promoting local sporting events, festivals, galleries, and other events in the neighborhood.

Have another idea? Ask us! We would love to explore it!

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