LED Glorifiers and Back Bar Signs

KRASLEX LED Displays are works of art. Typically a combination of your product, 3-dimensional Acrylic components, and LED lighting, KRASLEX LED Displays present your product with a "wow" factor that is only limited by your, and our, imagination. We begin with your product and an idea for the environment best suited for your message. With base lighting, back lighting, surround lighting, top lighting, front lighting, or any combination of the above, we bring your product to life in its own environment. Surround your product with color-morphing ice or flickering fire, place it at the entrance of a castle, or simply place it on a pedastal with base lighting, perhaps with a thematic backdrop with animated graphics.

Let your imagination take this prime advertising piece to places not yet seen!

  • Bottle or Can Glorifiers - Perhaps a simple pedestal for a new product launch? Maybe add an enclosure, like an igloo or a canoe, to include a theme? Possibly tack on a backdrop or a side piece to bring a message to the consumer? From simple to complex, KRASLEX has an idea for you.
  • Back Bar Display - Working displays that showcase all of your brands while functioning as an easy pour for the bartender. Light towers that feature your brands, or perhaps even are produced as, or with, replicas of your product.
  • Wall Display - Show your product in a 3-dimensional setting on a wall for a unique, and eye-catching, presentation.
Have an idea? Whether you are in the beverage industry or not, let us know what you're thinking. Our engineers are ready for the challenge!
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