Dynamic LED signs (D-Light)

Attract greater consumer attention to your product, brand and message with KRASLEX's stunning D-light advertising technology. Perfect media for delivering high impact advertising message for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and other products at POP (point of purchase), HoReCa, Bars, promotional activities for F&B etc. Ultimate control of light and color allows you to create the most powerful visual impact and to draw maximum attention to your brand.


  • On/Off - graphics appear and disappear
  • Blinking
  • Fading
  • Shimmering or flickering
  • Animation
  • Color morphing


  • Highlight your logo or message (all features)
  • Show your product in action (Animation)
  • Emphasize your brands (Fading, Shimmering, Color Morphing)
  • Send a mood message (Blinking, Fading, Shimmering, Flickering)
  • Present an atmosphere (Shimmering, Flickering, Animation, Color Morphing)
Have an idea for your brand that you don't see here? Ask us! Our engineers are always up to a new challenge!

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